Formula Electric


New Features
Chassis: Brand new chassis for increased stiffness and better component integration
Brakes: 10lbs shaved off the brakes system
Drivetrain: 10lbs shaved off the drivetrain
Suspension: Redesigned suspension for increased handling
Motor: Brand new electric motor: YASA-400
Batteries: Redesigned battery pack for increased fire safety protection and waterproofing
Driver Interface: All new driver interface

Batteries: Tenergy Li-ion polymer, 288V total, 100A min-200A max discharge
Motor: YASA-400 Synchronous AC motor, 340 N-m torque, 7500 rpm max
Motor Controller: Sevcon Gen4 Size 8
Target Weight: 525 lbs w/o Driver
Chassis: 4130 Chromoly Spaceframe
Drivetrain: 3:1, Single Gear Chain Drive
Suspension: Double Wishbone Pushrod Actuated
Wheels: 20.5” Goodyear Dry Slicks on 13” Magnesium Forged Alloy Wheels


The team was started in 2009 as the Illini Hybrid Racing to participate in the relatively new Formula Hybrid Racing competition in NH. At the time, hybrid technology was the cutting edge technology for the automotive industry, and students wanted to face the new technologies, challenges, and opportunities. In 2012, our team switched from Illini Hybrid Racing to Illini Formula Electric, with the aim to build a fully electric vehicle for the 2013 Formula Electric competition in Lincoln, NE.

We decided that an electric vehicle would be faster, lighter, and more efficient than our hybrid car, and would pose a unique and challenging engineering opportunity for our members. We were unable to attend competition in 2013 due to technical and logistical setbacks. Many other EV teams faced similar situations, with only 6 out of 20 teams attending competition and only one team passing technical inspection. In 2014 we fared much better, as did many other EV teams.

15 out of 20 teams attended competition and 3 teams passed technical inspection. However, our battery design did not pass technical inspection and as a result, we were unable to compete. In 2015, we attended the Formula Hybrid competition at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Although we did not pass the electrical technical inspection, we placed 4th in the electric-only division due to our design and project management presentation.


Greg Danielson

Mechanical Captain

Greg is a senior pursuing his Masters of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. He has helped many different subsystems on the team and is always looking to learn more. He is an avid rock climber and enjoys working on cars. His future goal is to go into technical management.

Keith Nixon

Electrical Captain

Keith is now in his last year of school for Electrical Engineering. Keith has previously led the Power Distribution Subsystem and has worked on a lot of the low voltage electronics. In his free time, Keith's hobbies are fishing and repairing boat motors. Keith plans on working in the vehicle industry after school.

Lan Li

Vice President

Lan is a Senior in Electrical Engineering. She enjoys designing circuits for the car and she loves making films and music when she is free. She hopes to find a way to combine engineering and art together someday.

Kayleigh Meinzen

Electrical Mechanical Integration

Kayleigh Meinzen is a junior in Mechanical Engineering, minoring in French and Computer Science, and the leader for mechanical and electrical integration. Kayleigh enjoys dancing, choir, photography, and reading during her free time. After university, Kayleigh plans to go into robotics or the aeronautical field.

Matt Metzler


Matt is a sophomore in Mechanical Engineering, and is also looking to minor in Materials Science. Last year he was involved with the Suspension, Chassis, and Drivetrain subteams. He loves soccer, and likes to sketch and 3D print stuff.

Alex Pauls


Alex is a junior and the leader for the Drivetrain team this year. He is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Physics. He likes to hang out with friends, spend time outdoors, and work out in his free time. His career interests include automotive engineering and astronautics.

Karol Przybyszewski


Karol is a Senior studying Mechanical Engineering. He is currently the accumulators subsystem team lead. He has previously been on the team as temperature board team lead, low voltage team lead, and accumulator team lead. Karol enjoys skiing, playing frisbee, working on cars, and long walks on beaches in his free time.

Zikang Tong

Driver Interface

Zikang is Senior majoring in Electrical Engineering. This season, he is the Display Electronics subsystem lead. His team is responsible for all electronics on the car that one can see, hear, touch, smell, and taste. Driven by a passion for building circuits and optoelectronics, his goal is to pursue a PhD in Electrical Engineering and hopefully someday venture his own tech company.

Jeff Weinberg


Jeffrey is a junior in Electrical Engineering. He is responsible for the design, manufacturing, testing, and integration of the battery packs, the battery management system, and the charger with the car. In addition he is responsible for aiding in the training of new members. He plans on pursuing a career in electric power systems and generation.

Tim Wu


Tim is a senior from Baton Rouge, Louisiana studying Mechanical Engineering. He loves playing sports, fishing, and eating Cajun food. As Chassis leader, Tim will be responsible for designing and manufacturing the chassis along with managing a few other projects.

Charles Zhang


Charles enjoys playing basketball and is a huge soccer fan. Professionally he is looking forward to going to graduate school after completing his undergraduate education here at U of I. His field of interest is in fluid mechanics. Ultimately he wants to go into the renewable energy industry.

Junwu Zhang

Power Systems

Junwu Zhang is a senior in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Electrical Engineering. When he's not reading Motor Trends or Road & Track, he enjoys playing various kinds of sports including golf and basketball. He hopes that one day he can be an automotive engineer working for an EV company.

Adam Poindexter

Accumulators Junior Lead

Dennis Rich

Driver Interface Junior Lead

Dennis is a sophomore majoring in electrical engineering and physics. He's involved in research into nanoscale electronics and plans to pursue a doctorate. Still, his interest in more practical electronics guided him to his current position in IFE, from which he will lead design of braking control systems and assist in building and programming the display. Occasionally, he dabbles in piano and vocal improv, and once had a brief fling with amateur rapping that he'd rather not discuss.

Alex Witek

Drivetrain Junior Lead

Alex is a sophomore in the Division of General Studies, looking to transfer into the mechanical engineering program to pursue his childhood dream of working in the automotive industry. As the drivetrain team's junior leader this year, he is responsible for helping spearhead the development of the car's propulsion and braking systems. When he's not driving or wrenching on his Volkswagen, Alex continues to serve actively in Scouting's national honor society.